Chauffeur Hire Service

If you want to be chauffeured in your own car, then call us.

Hire a chauffeur to drive you in your car and enjoy your evening to the full without worrying about drinking and driving.

Continue to use your car despite a driving disqualification.

We offer you the comfort of being chauffeured by outstanding staff while using your own car.


An innovative chauffeur hire service

Enjoy your car from a new perspective in and around Paris, with Gesti-Car’s chauffeur hire service. Those big occasions in your private or professional life are worth experiencing to the full. So that you can travel to those events in Paris without having to drive your own car or crease your elegant outfit, call on our experienced and qualified drivers. They will drive your car and relieve you of the hassle and stress of finding your way, getting to your destination on time and finding parking in Paris.

Gesti-Car: Affordable chauffeur hire

The chauffeur-only service offered by the company Gesti-Car for private individuals and businesses, follows the company’s very flexible pricing policy. If your chauffeur is not immediately available, a discount of up to 50% off the initial price will be applied as compensation for your patience. Customers that open an account with Gesti-Car benefit from a year-long 15% discount on all of the services offered by the company. Accurate, free quotations can be obtained on Gesti-Car’s stylish website or from our customer service call team.

When would you want a chauffeur-only service?

Our chauffeur-only service is an advantage as it means that you get to use your fine saloon or sports car, but do not have the responsibility of driving: if you have business customers requiring transport in Paris, need transport to your wedding, want to arrive fresh and relaxed at a special event, or would like a romantic evening out in Paris.